Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Horticulture, Recycling and Training in Schools and University

Schools adopt horticulture and recycling in their study plan

Horticulture in schools

Some schools have implemented organic gardening to develop students' skills in the production of horticulture, pest control and recycling techniques.
The orchard technician , engineer L. H., said that students can develop skills to " cultural management and recycling techniques, so you can use and waste materials in containers, irrigation and pest control."
For pest control, students learn how to build traps made ​​of plastic bottles and some toxic or repellent to insects.

" We make traps for flying mosquito containing honey so the bug it is traped by this improvised glue.7

Another trap attracts bugs (crawling ones) with water and beer, and so they die  because of too much liquid," this is what the student in charge to set the traps.

The Professor of Natural Sciences said that students are sensitized about environmental care , recycling and may also carry some supplies for their homes."

Many of our students come from rural areas. I've Seen that when needed they can take products to their home serving as a great help for the family budget ," he says.

The director of the Educational unit, said that the mayor can provide material agriculture as part of the Organic Gardens and the school , with parent meeting can contribute to the construction of the garden.

" It is self-sustaining . With products sold you can buy more seeds to grow the garden. the products can be sold at local markets.
A beginner gardener student visit the garden every other day. " I never knew how to place the seeds. Each must go on a respective place . Stronger seeds can be chosen depending on their colors. I like also to plant and harvest ," said the high school student.

Gardening and Horticulture Training practice at UNR
The Black River National University , through the Extension Area Andina headquarters , reports that in the month of October will begin the course " Practical Gardening and Horticulture " by Silvana Eng Technician Alzogaray and Gardening Santiago NaĆ³n .

The course is open to the entire community and will be held in the premises of the UNRN and Production Area Andean Forest Service ( 10.5 km ) , for 11 monthly classes to develop during the year 2013/14 in Bariloche.
The course objective is to provide knowledge and skills concerned to produce , maintain and operate plants , ornamental and horticultural family scale through organic cultivation and maintenance of gardens professionalized.