Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Horticulture, Recycling and Training in Schools and University

Schools adopt horticulture and recycling in their study plan

Horticulture in schools

Some schools have implemented organic gardening to develop students' skills in the production of horticulture, pest control and recycling techniques.
The orchard technician , engineer L. H., said that students can develop skills to " cultural management and recycling techniques, so you can use and waste materials in containers, irrigation and pest control."
For pest control, students learn how to build traps made ​​of plastic bottles and some toxic or repellent to insects.

" We make traps for flying mosquito containing honey so the bug it is traped by this improvised glue.7

Another trap attracts bugs (crawling ones) with water and beer, and so they die  because of too much liquid," this is what the student in charge to set the traps.

The Professor of Natural Sciences said that students are sensitized about environmental care , recycling and may also carry some supplies for their homes."

Many of our students come from rural areas. I've Seen that when needed they can take products to their home serving as a great help for the family budget ," he says.

The director of the Educational unit, said that the mayor can provide material agriculture as part of the Organic Gardens and the school , with parent meeting can contribute to the construction of the garden.

" It is self-sustaining . With products sold you can buy more seeds to grow the garden. the products can be sold at local markets.
A beginner gardener student visit the garden every other day. " I never knew how to place the seeds. Each must go on a respective place . Stronger seeds can be chosen depending on their colors. I like also to plant and harvest ," said the high school student.

Gardening and Horticulture Training practice at UNR
The Black River National University , through the Extension Area Andina headquarters , reports that in the month of October will begin the course " Practical Gardening and Horticulture " by Silvana Eng Technician Alzogaray and Gardening Santiago NaĆ³n .

The course is open to the entire community and will be held in the premises of the UNRN and Production Area Andean Forest Service ( 10.5 km ) , for 11 monthly classes to develop during the year 2013/14 in Bariloche.
The course objective is to provide knowledge and skills concerned to produce , maintain and operate plants , ornamental and horticultural family scale through organic cultivation and maintenance of gardens professionalized.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Why You Should have your Own Garden

There are added affidavit to-day than ever before why the buyer of a baby place should accept his, or her, own vegetable garden.

The canicule of home weaving, home cheese-making, home meat-packing, are
gone. With a thousand and one other things that acclimated to be fabricated or done at home, they accept larboard the abode and followed the branch chimney. These things could be angry over to machinery.

The growing of vegetables cannot be so disposed of. Garden accoutrement accept been improved, but they are still the aforementioned old one-man affairs--doing one thing, one row at a time.

Labor is still the big factor--and that, taken in aggregate with the amount of alteration and administration such perishable being as garden produce, explains why the home agriculturalist can grow his own vegetables at beneath amount than he can shop for them.
That is a good actuality to remember.

But afterwards all, I agnosticism if best of us will attending at the amount abandoned after consulting the domiciliary budget. The big thing, the arresting feature of home agronomical is not that we may get our vegetables ten per cent cheaper, but that we can accept them one hundred per cent better.

Even the long-keeping sorts, like squash, potatoes and onions, are actual clearly added adorable appropriate from the home garden, fresh from the accouterment or the ground; but aback it comes to peas, and corn, and lettuce,--well, there is actually annihilation to analyze with the home garden ones, aggregate fresh, in the aboriginal askance sunlight, still gemmed with dew, still brittle and breakable and juicy, accessible to backpack every atom of agreeable quality, afterwards loss, to the dining table.

Stale, flat and barren indeed, afterwards these accept already been tasted, assume the limp, travel-weary, arenaceous things that are jounced about to us in the back of a barter . It is not in amount abandoned that makes home agronomical pay.

There is addition point: the bazaar agriculturalist has to abound the things that give the more good yield. He has to cede affection to quantity. You do not.

One cannot shop for Golden Bantam corn, or Mignonette lettuce, or Gradus peas in best markets. They are top quality, but they do not ample the market crate abundant times to the row to pay the bartering grower. If you cannot afford to accumulate a able agriculturalist there is abandoned one way to accept the best vegetables--grow your own!

And this brings us to the third, and what may be the best important reason why you should garden.
It is the cheapest, healthiest, keenest pleasure there is. Give me a brilliant garden application in the golden springtime, aback the copse are acrimonious out their fresh gowns, in all the various self-colored aerial grays and greens--strange how beautiful they are, in the aforementioned old abiding styles, isn't it?--give me seeds to watch as they acquisition the light, plants to tend as they booty authority in the fine, loose, affluent soil, and you may accept the added sports. And when you accept developed annoyed of their monotony, appear aback in summertime to alike the smallest garden, and you will acquisition in it, every day, a fresh botheration to be solved, a fresh attack to be agitated out, a fresh achievement to win.

Better food, added good health, added good living--all these the home garden offers you in abundance. And the amount is abandoned the amount of every worth-while thing--honest, airy accommodating work.

But abundant for now of the dream garden. Put bottomward your book. Put on
your old clothes , and let's go outdoors and attending the abode over, and pick out the best atom for that garden-patch of yours.

I hope you found an answer to our question Why You Should have your Own Garden?