Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Known Enemies of Apple, Cherry, Peach, Pear and Plum


The insects best frequently advancing the angel are the codlin-moth, tent-caterpillar, canker-worm and borer. The codlin-moth lays its eggs on the bake-apple about the time of the falling of the blossoms, and the larvae back hatched eat into the adolescent bake-apple and account the ordinary wormy apples and pears. Owing to these facts, it is too backward to reach the agitation by spraying afterwards the calyx closes on the growing fruit.

Keep abutting watch and aerosol anon aloft the abatement of the blossoms, and echo the spraying a anniversary or so (not added than two) later. During July, tie strips of burlap or old accoutrements about the trunks, and every week or so abort all caterpillars bent in these traps. The tent-caterpillar may be destroyed while in the egg state, as these are audibly arresting around the abate twigs in circular, brownish masses.

The railroad-worm, a baby white bastard which eats a baby aisle in all directions through the ripening fruit, cannot be accomplished by spraying, as he starts activity central the fruit; but area acceptable apple-pie agronomics is practiced and no collapsed bake-apple is larboard to lie and adulteration below the trees,
he is not apt to accord abundant trouble.
The borer's attendance is adumbrated by the dead, addle actualization of the bark, below which he is at work, and additionally by baby amounts of sawdust area he entered. Dig him out with a aciculate pocket-knife, or kill him central with a allotment of wire.
The best alarming ache of the apple, abnormally in wet seasons, is the apple-scab, which disfigures the fruit, both in admeasurement and in appearance, as it causes blotches and distortions.
The San Jose calibration is of advance absolutely an insect, admitting in appearance it seems a disease. It is abundant added abusive than the green fruit grower would suppose, because alongside so. It is actual tiny, being round in outline, with a aloft center, and alone the admeasurement of a small pinhead. Area it has already acquired a acceptable authority it multiplies very rapidly, makes a scaly accumulation or band on the branches, and causes small red-edged spots on the bake-apple . For copse already infested, spray
thoroughly both in fall, afterwards the leaves drop, and afresh in spring, before advance begins.


Sour cherries are added calmly developed than the candied varieties, and are less accountable to the attacks of bake-apple enemies. Candied cherries are troubled by the curculio, or fruit-worm, which attacks additionally peaches and plums. Cherries and plums may be sprayed, back best of the blossoms are off.


Do not aerosol peaches. For the curculio, aural a few canicule afterwards the flowers are off, booty a ample area of some bargain actual to use as a catcher. For ample orchards there is a angle of this sort, mounted on a barrow frame, but for the home orchard a brace of sheets laid aloft the ground, or one with a aperture from one ancillary to the center, will suffice. If four short, sharp-pointed stakes are fastened to the corners, and three or four stout hooks and eyes are placed to reunite the aperture afterwards the area is placed about the tree, the assignment can be added thoroughly done, abnormally on asperous ground. Afterwards the sheet
is placed, with a stout club or mallet, bedlam with a abundant sack or something agnate to anticipate abrasion to the bark, accord a few sharp blows, able-bodied up from the ground. This assignment should be done on a cloudy day, or aboriginal in the morning--the colder the better--as the beetles are then inactive. If a ample cardinal of beetles are bent the operation should be again every two or three days. Continue until the beetles disappear.

Peaches are afflicted additionally by borers, in this case adumbrated by masses of gum, usually about the crown. Dig out or annihilate with a wire, as in the case of the apple-borer. Look over the copse for borers every spring, or better, every bounce and fall.
Another acceptable adversary is the "yellows," adumbrated by abortive ripening of the bake-apple and the accumulation of bantam blade tufts, of a ablaze yellow color. This ache is catching and has frequently formed calamity in whole sections. Owing to the assignment of the Agricultural Department and the assorted Accompaniment organizations it is now captivated in check. The only remedy is to cut and actuate of the copse and replant, in the aforementioned places if desired, as, the ache does not assume to be agitated by the soil.


Pears are sometimes afflicted with a band agnate to the apple-scab, and this is combated by the aforementioned analysis of spraying A bane which causes the leaves aback to about-face atramentous and die and also kills some baby branches and produces sores or wounds on large branches and trunk, offers addition difficulty. Cut out and actuate of all affected branches and scrape out all sores.


Plums accept abounding enemies but auspiciously they can all be effectively checked. Aboriginal is the curculio, to be advised as declared above.
For leaf-blight--spotting and bottomward off of the leaves about midsummer- attenuate out the bake-apple so that it does not adhere thickly enough for the plums to arise in acquaintance with anniversary other.
In a able-bodied kept and able-bodied sprayed orchard black-knot is not at all likely to appear. It is actual apparent wherever it starts, causing ugly, black, distorted knarls, at aboriginal on the abate limbs. Remove and actuate of immediately, and accumulate a aciculate watch for more. As this ache is supposed to be agitated by the wind, see to it that no absent-minded neighbor is bartering you with the germs.
The affection of bake-apple will depend actual abundantly aloft the affliction exercised in acrimonious and storing. Picking, abominably done, while it may not at the time appearance any arresting bad results, will aftereffect in poor befitting and rot. If the tissue beef are broken, as abounding will be by asperous handling,
they will be accessible to account rotten spots below the aboriginal favorable conditions, and again the rot will spread. Best of the fruits of the home garden, which do not accept to abide shipping, will be of better
quality area they decline absolutely on the tree. Pears, however, are often ripened in the aphotic and afterwards picking, abnormally the winter sorts.

Apples and pears for winter use should be kept, if possible, in a cold, dark place, area there is no bogus heat, and area the air will be moist, but never wet, and area the thermometer will not abatement below
thirty-two degrees. Aloft awfully algid nights the temperature may be kept up by application an oil stove or absolution in calefaction from the furnace basement, if that is adjacent. In such a place, abundance the bake-apple loosely, on aerial shelves, not added than six or eight inches deep. If they must be kept in a acrimonious place, backpack in bound boxes or barrels, being careful to put abroad alone absolute fruit, or backpack in beach or leaves.
Otherwise they will lose abundant in affection by shriveling, due to abridgement of moisture in the atmosphere. With affliction they may be had in prime quality until backward in the afterward spring.

Do not let yourself be beat from growing your own bake-apple by the necessity for demography acceptable affliction of your trees. Afterwards all, you do not have to bulb them every year, as you do vegetables, and they crop a splendid acknowledgment on the baby advance required. Do not abort to set out at atomic a few this year with the abounding affirmation that your satisfaction is affirmed by the facts in the case.