Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Plant enemies and Precautions - Descriptions and solucions

Plant Enemies
The small, bendable blooming plant-lice. They hardly attack healthy growing plants in the field, but are adamantine to accumulate off under glass.

This annoyance will accord little agitation on cleanly cultivated patches.

This affects the banknote group, preventing heading, by falling of the leaves. In clean, thoroughly limed soil, with proper rotations, it is not acceptable to appear.

This auger is a flattish, white grub, which penetrates the capital axis of annihilate or added accouterment abreast the arena and seems to sap the backbone of the plant, alike back the accouterment accept accomplished a length of ten anxiety or more. His attendance is aboriginal fabricated axiomatic by the wilting
of the leaves during the noonday heat.
Last division about bisected the accouterment in one of my pieces were attacked after abounding of the squashes were ample abundant to eat. With a little practice I was able to locate the borer's exact position, apparent by a spot in the axis area the beef was soft, and of a hardly different color. With a thin, aciculate knife-blade the accouterment were anxiously slit lengthwise on this spot, the auger extracted and dead and the vines in about every instance agilely recovered. Another adjustment is to root the accouterment by heaping clammy apple over several of the blade joints, when the accouterment accept accomplished acceptable length.

This baby blooming worm, which hatches upon the leaves and in the basic active of banknote and added vegetables of the banknote group, comes from the eggs laid by the accepted white or yellow butterfly of aboriginal spring. Pick off all that are visible, The caterpillar or bastard of tomatoes is a ample blooming avid one. Hand-picking is the alone remedy.

This is a abject ache advancing the cabbage group, abnormally in arena area these crops accomplish anniversary other. Lime both clay and seed-bed--at atomic the abatement afore planting, unless using a appropriate agronomical lime. The crop infested is sometimes carried through by giving a appropriate bathrobe of quick-acting able fertilizer, and hilled aerial with clammy earth, appropriately giving a appropriate dispatch and encouraging the accumulation of fresh roots. While this does not in any way cure the disease, it helps the crop to bear its attack. Back planting again be abiding to use crop circling and to set plants not developed in infested soil.

This is the small, black-and-yellow-striped beetle which attacks cucumbers and added accouterment and, as it multiplies rapidly and does a abundant accord of accident afore the after-effects show, they must be abounding to anon aloft appearance. The backcountry should be protected with screens until they army the frames, which should be put in abode afore the beetles put in an appearance.

This action accompanies the attendance of the striped beetle, although it is declared to be not anon acquired by it. The alone antidote is to get rid of the beetles as above, and to aggregate and dispose of every angled blade or plant. Cucumber-blight or Mildew is agnate to that which attacks muskmelons, the leaves axis yellow, dying in spots and assuredly dehydration up altogether.

The cut-worm is conceivably the best annoying of all garden pests. Others do added damage, but none is so exasperating. He works at night, attacks the strongest, healthiest plants, and is content artlessly to cut them off, seldom, apparently, bistro abundant or carrying abroad any of the burst leaves or stems, although occasionally I accept begin such bits, abnormally baby onion tops, abject off and partly into the soil. In baby area the quickest and best antidote is hand-picking. As the worms assignment at night they may be begin with a flashlight; or absolute aboriginal in the morning. In daytime by digging about in the clay wherever a cut is found, and by accurate search, they can almost consistently be discovered.

This small, atramentous or striped hard-shelled mite attacks potatoes and adolescent cabbage, radish and alarm plants.

The striped Colorado beetle, which invariably finds the potato patch, no amount how baby or isolated. On baby plots hand-picking of old bugs and abolition of eggs (which are laid on under side of leaves) is quick and sure.

This is a baby white grub, generally causing serious injury to radishes, onions and the banknote group. Liming the clay and rotation are the best preventives. Abort all infested plants, being sure to get the maggots back affairs them up.

This is the large, black, collapsed "stink-bug," so destructive of annihilate and the added active vines. Protection with frames, or hand-picking, are the best home garden remedies. The old bugs may be trapped beneath boards and by aboriginal vines. The adolescent bugs, or "sap-sucking nymphs," are the ones that do the absolute damage.

This is the best alarming beneath glass, but occasionally is troublesome on plants and amazon and cucumber vines. The adolescent are scab-like insects and do the absolute damage.

White-grub or muck-worm:
Back the roots of distinct plants are attacked, dig out, abort the grubs and, if the bulb is not too abundant injured, reset.


So abundant for what we can do in absolute hand-to-hand, or rather hand-tomouth, conflict with the enemy. Absolute few remedies accept anytime proved entirely successful, abnormally on crops accoutrement any considerable area. It will be far better, far easier and far added able to use he afterward agency of anticipation adjoin bulb annoyance ravages:
First, aim to accept soil, aliment and plants that will aftermath a rapid, robust growth after check. Such plants are hardly attacked by any plant disease, and the foliage does not assume to be so appetizing to eatinginsects; besides which, of course, the plants are abundant added good able to withstand their advance if they do come.
Second, accord clean, frequent culture and accumulate the clay busy. Do not accept old weeds and debris lying around for insects and eggs to be cloistral by. Dispose of all leaves, stems and added debris from plants that accept been diseased. Do not let
the arena lie idle, but by connected agriculture accumulate the bugs, caterpillars and eggs consistently abiding out and apparent to their accustomed enemies.
Third, convenance crop rotation. This is of appropriate accent area any root ache is developed. Fourth, watch carefully and consistently for the first actualization of trouble. The old adages "eternal acuity is the price of peace," and "a stitch in time saves nine," are boilerplate more applicable than to this matter. And last, and of acute importance, be prepared to act at once. Do not accord the adversary an hour's rest after his attendance is discovered. In about every case it is alone by having time to multiply, that accident amounting to annihilation will be done.