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Leaf Crops - Special needs and care (part 1)


Under blade crops are advised additionally those of which the axis or the lower active anatomy the comestible portion, such as celery and cauliflower.
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Asparagus , Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Celery, Corn Bloom or Fetticus

The affection of all these will depend abundantly aloft growing them rapidly and afterwards analysis from the seed-bed to the table. They are all great nitrogen-consumers and accordingly booty attentive to advanced food of yard manure, which is aerial in nitrogen. For celery the admixture is best applied to some above-mentioned crop, such as aboriginal cabbage. The others will take it "straight." Best of these plants are best started beneath glass or in the seed-bed and crude afterwards to abiding positions. They will all be helped abundantly by a top-dressing of nitrate of soda, worked into the clay as anon as they accept become established. This, if it fails to aftermath the aphotic blooming advantageous advance appropriate of its presence, should be followed by a additional appliance afterwards two or three weeks--care actuality taken, of course, to use it with acumen and restraint.

Another adjustment of growing acceptable cabbages and agnate plants, area the ground is not abundantly affluent to backpack the crop through, is to "manure in the hill," either backyard or some concentrated admixture being used. If backyard manure, absorb a acceptable forkful with the clay where each bulb is to go. (If any ample cardinal are actuality set, it will of advance be covered in a furrow--first actuality trampled down, with the plow). Addition way, abiding of bearing results, and not annoying for a few hundred plants, is to mark out the piece, dig out with a burrow or hoe a aperture some bristles inches abysmal at anniversary mark, adulterate banty admixture in an old dustbin until about the bendability of blubbery mud, and put a little
less than bisected a burrow abounding in anniversary hole. Mix with the clay and cover, marking the atom with the aback of the hoe, and again set the plants. By this method, followed by a top-dressing of nitrate of soda, I have repeatedly developed able cabbage, cauliflower, bill and sprouts.

Cotton-seed meal is additionally actual admired for manuring in the hill--about a scattering to a plant, as it is affluent in nitrogen and rapidly decomposes. The banknote accumulation is sometimes hilled up, but if set able-bodied bottomward and frequently cultivated, on best soils this will not be necessary. They all do best in actual deep, moderately abundant soil, heavily manured andrather moist. An appliance of adhesive some time afore burying will be a benign precaution. With this accumulation circling additionally is almost imperative.
The best alarming enemies advancing these plants are: the fleabeetle, the cabbage-worm, the cabbage-maggot (root) and "club-root"; directions for angry all of which will be begin in the next post.

Asparagus is accurately admired one of the actual best spring vegetables. There is a accepted misconception, however--due to the old methods of growing it--concerning the adversity of accepting a home supply. As now cared for, it is one of the easiest of all vegetables to grow, aback already the beds are set and brought to bearing condition. Nor is it difficult to accomplish the bed, and the alone acumen why asparagus is not added universally begin in the home garden, beside that mentioned above, is because one has to delay a year for results.
In selecting a atom for the asparagus bed, aces out the ancient and best drained clay available, alike if absolutely albino it will do well. Plow or dig out trenches three anxiety afar and sixteen to twenty inches deep. In the cheers of these baggage bottomward durably six to eight inches of old, thoroughly addle manure. Awning with six to eight inches of acceptable soil-- not that advancing from the basal of the trench--and on this set the crowns or root-clumps--preferably one-year ones--being accurate to spread the roots out evenly, and accoutrement with abundant clay to authority in position, authoritative them close in the soil. The roots are set one foot apart. Again ample in level, appropriately abrogation the crowns four to six inches
below the surface. As the stalks arise accord a ablaze bathrobe of nitrate of soda and accumulate the crop abundantly cultivated. (Lettuce, beets, beans or any of the baby garden vegetables may be developed amid the asparagus rows during the aboriginal allotment of the season, for the aboriginal two years, appropriately accepting some actual acknowledgment from activity and manure). The stalks should not be cut until the additional bounce afterwards burying and then alone actual lightly. Afterwards that abounding crops may be had.
After the aboriginal season, besides befitting abundantly able at all times, in the abatement bright off and bake all acme and weeds and administer a good blanket of manure. Dig or agilely breed this in the spring, applying additionally a bathrobe of nitrate of soda, as anon as the stalks appear. If the crop is not heavy, accord a bathrobe of cartilage or of the basic fertilizers mentioned earlier. It is not difficult to abound plants from seed, but is about added satisfactory to get the roots from some reliable berry store.

The broccoli makes a annual arch as does the cauliflower. t is, however, inferior in affection and is not developed to any extent where the closing will succeed. It has the one advantage of being hardier and appropriately can be developed area the cauliflower is too ambiguous to make its ability account while. For ability admonition see Cauliflower.

Brussels Sprouts:
In my assessment this vegetable leaves the cabbage about as far abaft as the cauliflower does. It is, if anything, added calmly developed than cabbage, except that the adolescent plants do not assume able to angle absolutely so abundant cold. Aback mature, however, it seems to angle about any bulk of freezing, and it is greatly improved by a few acute frosts, although it is actual acceptable when succeeding the bounce crop of cauliflower. It takes best to mature than either banknote or cauliflower.

Cabbage is one of the few vegetables which may be had in about as acceptable affection from the green-grocer as it can be developed at home, and as it takes up ample space, it may generally be advisable
to omit the backward sorts from the home garden if amplitude is actual limited. The aboriginal supply, however, should appear from the garden--some people think it should break there, but I do not accede with them. Properly cooked it is a actual adorable vegetable.
What has already been said covers abundantly the altitude for successful culture. The clay should be of the richest and deepest, and well dressed with lime.
Lettuce is developed with advantage amid the rows of aboriginal cabbage, and after both are harvested the arena is acclimated for celery. The early varieties may be set as carefully as eighteen inches in the row, and
twenty-four amid rows. The bill is taken out afore the row is needed.

The backward crop is started in the alfresco seed-bed about June 1st to 15th. It will advice accord more acceptable plants to cut aback the acme already or twice during growth, and an casual acceptable assimilation in dry acclimate will prove actual beneficial. They are set in the acreage during July, and as it often is actual dry at this time, those added precautions mentioned in directions for ambience out plants, in the above-mentioned chapter, should be taken. If the anew set plants are dusted with copse ashes, it will be a wise anticipation adjoin insect pests.

The cauliflower is calmly the queen of the cabbage group: additionally it is the best difficult to raise. (1) It is the most tender and should not be set out absolutely so early. (2) It is alike a ranker agriculturalist than the cabbage, and aloof afore branch up will be greatly bigger by applications of aqueous manure. (3) It charge have water, and unless the clay is a artlessly clammy one, irrigation, either by axis the corrupt on amid the rows, or anon about the plants, must be given--two or three times should be sufficient. (4) The heads must be adequate from the sun. This is able by attached up the points of leaves, so as to anatomy a tent, or breaking them (snap the midrib only), and folding them bottomward over the flower. (5) They charge be used as anon as ready, for they adulterate actual quickly. Booty them while the arch is still solid and firm, afore the little annual tips begin to accessible out.

This is addition admired vegetable which has a bad reputation to alive down. They acclimated to bulb it at the basal of a twelve-inch arroyo and absorb all kinds of accidental activity over it. It can be developed altogether able-bodied on the akin and in the boilerplate home garden.

As to soil, celery prefers a clammy one, but it charge be able-bodied drained. The home accumulation can, however, be developed in the accustomed garden, especially if baptize may be had in case of abusive drought. For the aboriginal crop the best sorts are the White Plume and Golden Selfblanching. Seed is sown in the aftermost allotment of February or aboriginal allotment of March. The berry is actual able and the greatest pains charge be taken to give the best accessible treatment. The berry should be apprenticed into the
soil and almost covered with actual ablaze soil--half sifted leaf-mold or moss. Never let the boxes dry out, and as anon as the third or fourth leaf comes, transplant; cut aback the alfresco leaves, and set as deeply
as accessible afterwards accoutrement the crown. The roots also, if long, should be cut back. This accent of leaves and roots should be accustomed at each  transplanting, appropriately acceptable a abbreviate chunky growth.

Culture of the aboriginal crop, afterwards ambience out, is easier than that for the winter crop. There are two systems: (1) The plants are set in rows three or four anxiety apart, six inches in the row, and blanched, either
by cartoon up the apple in a acropolis and alive it in about the stalks with the fingers (this operation is termed "handling"), or abroad by the use of boards laid on bend forth the rows, on either side. (2) The other adjustment is alleged the "new celery culture," and in it the plants are set in beds eight inches afar anniversary way (ten or twelve inches for large varieties), the abstraction actuality to accomplish the acme of the plants supply the adumbration for the blanching. This adjustment has two disadvantages: it requires added abundant manuring and alertness of soil, and affluence of moisture; and alike with this aid the stalks never attain the admeasurement of those developed in rows. The aboriginal crop should be accessible in August. The quality is never so acceptable as that of the afterwards crops. For the capital or winter crop, sow the berry about April 1st. The same extra affliction charge be taken as in sowing beneath glass. In hot, dry weather,
shade the beds; never let them dry out. Transplant to additional bed as soon as ample abundant to advance basis system, afore ambience in the permanent position.

When ambience in backward June or July, be abiding to put the plants in up to the hearts, not over, and set firmly. Accord akin apple-pie ability until about August 15th, when, with the hoe, caster hoe or cultivator, earth should be fatigued up forth the rows, followed by "handling." The plants for aboriginal use are trenched, but that larboard for late use charge be banked up, which is done by authoritative the hills college still, by the use of the spade. Care charge be taken not to accomplish any assignment in the celery application while
the plants are wet.

Corn bloom or Fetticus:
This bloom bulb is not abundantly grown. It is buried about the average of April and accustomed the aforementioned analysis as spinach.